RakJay previews forthcoming 'The Checkmate EP'

Basking in all his glory, Beat Boss 8 winner RakjJay previews his next project ‘The Checkmate EP’.

You may have already heard of the title track ‘Checkmate’ and ‘Aspect’ with Logan shelling both riddims for his own tracks, but it will no doubt be good to have the instrumentals there for endless consumption - not to mention the Argo remix - shelly!

The standout track ‘What’s It Worth’ is one every grime fan should get their ears around when this EP drops on 19th April. A soulful and melodic journey over a bassy undertone. Pure vibes!

Out for pre-order here.

Blackcrown come through with grime banger 'Deal With It'

Jheeeze! It’s fair to say Blackcrown aren’t playing games on this one.

The trio of K Wing, Tiny Godfather and J Wing exchange their confident verses over a cold and spooky John Brown The Rebel production. A must play for any grime fan!

Lock in below and be sure to check out John Brown The Rebel’s exclusive mix for Deez Endz here.

Rame drops rave-ready track 'Shell With Me'

If you haven’t heard of Rame, make sure you lock into this track ‘Shell With Me’.

The Reload Events frontman and East Midlands MC let’s us know he turns up to shoobs and shells wherever he goes as he rides the Fork And Knife bass fuelled riddim in a very confident manner. Definitely one to light up any rave!

The track is available for free download on Articulate Sound below:

Blay Vision unleashes visual for charged up riddim 'eyes'.

Blay Vision made mad movements last year by emerging with 8 tracks, masterfully produced and selected to come together for a large EP entitled ‘Free’. Its fair to say it went down very well with the grime fans, with the Tottenham MC demonstrating just how to leave your mark on the scene.

The cold project consisted of some hefty beats and unarguably, tonnes of solid bars. It quick became a playlist staple, making a statement with its futuristic vibe.

Blay has maintained the momentum ever since, and has now stepped up again offering a visual for sharp opening track ‘eyes’. A straight up, bass fuelled riddim injected with some sound spitting and swift flows. To serve up this distorted visual carrying on the futuristic vibe, Blay enlisted Weird Dane to assist in bringing about a memorable video for such a substantial track.

Lock in above to pree the visual:

RDH means business with new track entitled 'control'.

Newcastle MC RDH exploded onto the scene last year with his debut track. Since then, he’s been on a wave continuing to offer up his recognisable flow and a flurry of hard bars.

The North-East spitter has once again came through, this time with an energetic track entitled ‘control’. This is RDH’’s debut track to be released on soundcloud, he also claims it took 96 hours to complete the project from writing to mastering. This is commendable, as the quality of the track hasn't been compromised, it’s cold as ever.

Linking with Vibe Chemistry on production, the charged up beat is overloaded with straight up rhymes and an infectious flow from the Geordie MC. We were right last year to predict that it wouldn't be the last we saw of this guy, especially with a work rate as high as his.

stream the full track below via soundcloud.

Derby MC Eyez delivers large bars on premiere of 'london bars'.

Eyez has been setting the pace on the scene with his unmistakeable wordplay and his dynamic flow for a while now. As he takes to the mic for another chance to shell down on ‘London Bars’, the no nonsense spitter demonstrates just how he’s been progressing, with yet more solid bars and wordplay to make you have to reload the track to hear the line again. The Derby barrer definitely goes in heavy on this riddim.

Last year was a mad year for the MC as he racked up 1million streams on Spotify, if he keeps up the momentum, which no doubt he will, i’d say he will smash this record and become one to watch on the grime scene.

lock into the visual and track above.