J-Fresh teams up with Madders Tiff for 'Oh My'

When it comes to females doing bits in the Grime scene, I’m all over that!

DJ and producer J-Fresh, a rising body in the music industry, has had a successful year with the release of two albums. The track titled “Oh My” has seen him team up with North London female barrer Madders Tiff. A fresh addition to the scene, she shows a lot of promise to be a rising star in the Grime scene.

The track in question, equipped with a fast paced and weighty bassline, satisfies the infectious energy and ferocity of Madders bars. She goes in relentlessly on the track that also provides a very catchy hook. The girl in Grime doesn’t hold back that’s for sure, her whirlwind flow is nothing short of special. It’s exciting to see something so fresh that is guaranteed to be a track you’ll be reloading over the coming few weeks.

Check the audio below: