Stelf comes through with 'Karma'

East London MC Stelf, has returned with pure vibe ‘Karma’, produced by Swifta Beater, via a video release on SBTV.

The cleverly themed and titled track is a duality, and signifies both a return to the scene (a comeback) after a few years absence, and warns of inevitable retaliation (payback) on road.

Swifta provides an upbeat riddim, with piano melodies, vocal synths, busy kick/snare patterns and continuous complex hi hats, peppered with the gunshots and motorbike engine revs, etc., a wave all on its own, and Stelf comes hard throughout, warning man, he’s like ‘Karma’, and he’s coming back for his dues, wherever they’re owed.

The riddim manages to be both hard and vibey simultaneously, and duality is reflected throughout. Clever, still. Cop it!