Geo Martinez ‘Last Night In Essex’ - In Review

Geo Martinez has come strong with his new project ‘Last Night In Essex’. A mix of U.K. rap and Grime, Martinez shows influences from R&B, U.S. and U.K. Trap, and Afrobeats, showing off his versatility and love for music. A project about his life in Essex, and his struggle to make it, Martinez shows he is a lyricist and storyteller, first and foremost, as he details his journey so far.

Track 3, ‘Fruitella’ sees Martinez on a Grime wave, produced by Medz, the track kicks off with a sample of an argument and the bassline/melody of the riddim, followed by a simple kick/snare pattern and cowbell hihats. The track drops out in places and the bassline varies from gentle, to hard, almost in sync with the energy in Martinez’ bars. Martinez shares he’s done road, he’s done dirt, and he ain’t afraid to do either, sharing he’ll never talk to feds, but he can’t trust people the same way. He also shares he’s coming for the P from this music ting, still.

Track 8, ‘Mannalike’, produced by Dan Blizz, is high energy Grime at its best. Starting out with a haunting synth, and bell melody, with a muted vocal, the track kicks in proper with deep horn bass stabs, mimicking the melody and fully patterned drums, with a busy kick/snare (claps) pattern and continuous hihats. The whole riddim is packed throughout. Martinez shares more of himself and his story, with a flow to match, where we learn he is giving music everything he’s got, he really wants to make it in this ting, but he’ll do road just the same to get the bags, still, should he need to.

A wavy project full of versatility, passion and vibes, well worth the cop. Listen to the full tape below and follow Geo on twitter @GeoMartinezUK.