Ten Dixon shows 'GRM Daily' the meaning of grime

Ten Dixon is a grime MC at his highest level. A man that is accomplished in the scene, the South London MC has been judgemental of GRM Daily in some recent social media posts. It’s very hard not to agree with Ten Dixon’s views on the subject.


Reading this email made me feel a sense of shame. As a writer and a grime enthusiast it’s hard watching the scene i grew up with get tarnished everyday. Grime is the fundamental reason that GRM Daily became so popular. They need to pay people like Ten Dixon homage and realise that giving grime a rightful place on a platform is what the scene needs to strive.

Ten Dixon released a track yesterday called ‘Grime Daily’ (below) and it seems like he’s not letting anything keep him down.

Top 3 most watched videos on GRM Daily -

Ramz ‘Barking’ - 49 Million views

B Young ‘Jumanji’ 33 Million views

EQ ‘German’ 31 Million views

When I was 14 years old I remember the feeling I’d get turning on channel AKA and seeing Wiley, Ghetts, Kano and Skepta shell down some classic bars. Now it’s not the case since the mainstream channel has been taken away from us It’s up to platforms like GRM Daily to provide a home for original and contemporary grime music.