A certifiable group of MC's link up for track 'Gridlock'.

Take an elite crew of some of the freshest MC's on the scene right now and you've got something truly special.  

Courtesy of Spentshell Ltd, the coldest selection of MC's exchange bars over a Masro production; a fiery Grime beat to perfectly compliment the hardest string of flows about to bless the scene on track 'Gridlock'. 

With a line up bound to get any Grime fan gassed; Flowdan, Joso Sick, Kamakaze, Manga, Safone, YGG, GHSTLY XXVII are seen spraying over this insane production. This is a definite big one for a reload and a place on your playlists.  

If you're still saying that Grime is dead, then get to know these MC's because the scene is more dynamic than ever.  

Lock in and stream below: