Big Zuu and Merky Ace Aren't Playing Games In The Grime Scene

The scene is going mad for Big Zuu’s second single Playing Games off his Hold Dat EP. Big Zuu is helped by the one and only Merky Ace, who adds a whole different dimension to this track Playing Games combines Zuu’s euphoric flow with a sick beat produced by Merky Ace himself.

The London MC has been making waves for a while now, with nothing but raw aggression throughout his music. He is slowly making a name for himself in the scene, Playing Games has a vibe to it, it’s Zuu’s vibe, it’s a unique sound that only Zuu can put on his music. I remember seeing Big Zuu in Cardiff last year when he helped AJ Tracey shut down the building, But I’m just so happy his career is starting to take flight. As for Merky Ace, he is one of the coldest in the scene right now, the Lewisham MC is a natural superstar on mic, check out his track TDF



If you want to see for yourself why Big Zuu is killing the grime scene, then you need to check out his song Builders. The beat is artic, the lyrics are lava, mix the two together and you’ve got a certified classic.

Playing Games would be a great song without Merky Ace, but you can’t deny Merky’s flow elevates this song to new heights, they match well together. I see lots of people saying Big Zuu is being slept on, when in reality if being slept on means getting over 1 million listens on Spotify, then please I want someone to sleep on me.

Big Zuu is delving deep into the grime scene these days, Do I think him and Merky Ace should link up again, I think it needs to be a certainty. Playing Games is out now and make sure you watch the video. Homage to the future grime Kings.