Novelist proves why he’s a game changer with debut album

Novelist has progressively become one of the leading pioneers in grime music today and being just 21-years-old, the sky is very much the limit for the Lewisham MC.

Photo by Vicky Grout

Photo by Vicky Grout

His latest offering ‘Novelist Guy’ has got everything and brakes down all barriers of what grime ‘should sound like’ and he’s certainly engraved his own sound into the scene. For such a young artist and producer, keeping a level head in this industry is key and although we’ve been waiting on this project for quite some time, it’s definitely been worth the wait.

What is inspiring though, is that Nov is doing everything at his own pace while staying in his own lane. The entirely-produced album is also another reason why he should be held in higher regard than he already is and also with no guest features on this LP, he’s able to take us on a spiritual journey and paint a clear picture of his life, past experiences and surroundings.

Here’s what Nov said about the message and working independently on the album:

The message doesn’t really sway song to song, it’s basically all about the same stuff: keeping focus, being positive, doing your own thing.

I do what I like when I’m producing and it’s just me. When it comes to me doing my thing, I know that I’ve definitely got to make it sound however I want it to sound.

The versatility of the different sounds you hear on this album is one thing, but the range of flows, deeper meaning lyrics and rally calling tracks from the heart of the ends is inciting for any listener. Grime is helping promote violence? What violence? There’s certainly none here...

Image - RWD Mag

Image - RWD Mag

The 15-track-project opens with fitting introduction ‘Start’. Nov reminds us there’s always a fresh start to grow and compels the listener to ‘put money in the future’. He’s explained this track as being a ‘proper wake up song’ and God’s message to him personally.

Nov makes no delay in bringing his hard-hitting tugset sound to the forefront. ‘Dot Dot Dot’ is all about staying away from bad energies, but staying true to yourself on the block. ‘Gangster’ then follows with a more consistent sound, which Novelist pays homage to his roots while taking aim at fakes and snitches. “Big boss spitter, so that’s what I said I’m gonna be” is the standout bar on this one and no one can argue with that!

Next is the Interlude – ‘Clocking The Game’. This calm production is definitely what’s needed for the following tracks, hold on to your hat!

The gritty sound of ‘Afro Pick’ leaves you in awe as Nov spits “last week I was a young G, now I’m who I wanna be”. The message is clear on this one – you do you and keep it moving.

Next up is that rallying call I was on about – ‘Stop Killing The Mandem’. Nov takes the time to touch on a sensitive subject of worldwide perpetrating of black people around the world and calls for peace and unity over the thumping beat.

Next up we take a breather on ‘Happiness In The Cold’ and ‘Smiles’. These two tracks all about promoting and giving off positive energy and no matter what anyone throws at him, he’ll always be smiling.

‘Wait Wait Wait’ keeps it moving with a stripped back flow and shows the versatility he possesses on melodic beats such as this one. Following that, we see ‘Whole 9 Yards’ where we see Nov expressing putting his plans into action and keeping that all important balance in life.

Track 11 is one for the rave – ‘Man Better Jump’ is all about that, the energy he fires behind the mic that make crowds lose their heads. YouTube it if you don’t believe me!

Keeping up that energy we’re so used to him holding, ‘Nov Wait Stop Wait’ comes through with arguably the most catchy hook of the album ‘Shower down mic inside, never been a wet guy and I bring vibe’. Big track.

The radio skit with DeeCee follows where we hear that hook of “MMM YEAHHH”. Iconic.

‘Better Way’ is the final vocal and the Londoner pays tribute to God and where he stands in this moment in time paving his own way in the scene. The blissful track fades out to another huge production of ‘Don’t Lose Faith Riddim’. A perfect way to round off the project and a sound which captures the whole essence of it.

Overall a monumental body of work which will no doubt stand the test of time for years to come. Being able to convey such a positive message towards the youth of today is exactly what the scene needs and we’ll look back on this project and think ‘that was a game changer’.

Starz/5 - X X X X X

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