Introducing the talented VAS LEON

VAS LEON is a young artist from the UK who's music is a mixture of everything good in the scene right now. His songs 'Grime Kidd' and 'Leggo' have seen massive success. Find out about the growing artist in the exlusive Deez Endz interview.




Hello bro, thank you for doing this interview. How are you? 

Hey that’s no problem! Thank you for taking an interest and listening to my music. It means a lot for you taking the time out to be supportive with it! I’m great thanks by the way how you doing?

 I'm good bro. You’ve got such a unique sound, is that something you pride yourself on? 

Ah, thank you so much. Appreciate that, believe me. It is true, my sound is unique. I really like to do my own thing you know? I tend to either listen to all music genres, or just not listen to music at all. Then I have no choice but to create something different haha. It’s something I really do pride myself on. The only thing is that it’s a shame people nowadays really like to push similar things with very little difference but hey! I love being unique and thats what will always separate me from the rest.

 We have to talk about Leggo and how the video looks like a movie, how was this to shoot? 

Haha, thank you so much. Really this was a spare of the moment thing. I produced and made the track in one day. The next day I called my guy Daz, shout out to Daz & Troy for doing an amazing job with the video by the way!, and I asked him how soon could we do a video to a track I just made. He literally said he was free that weekend so we just went out and did it! The shoot was bananas, but it was so cold. Oh, my, gosh. You couldn’t tell at all! The sun was out, the sky was clear, everything was amazing but the temperature… I guess Im lucky the track was blazing! haha. It was a great day though. We did a really good job with it.





Who were your inspirations growing up?

My Mother! She’s a big inspiration. My family really. I mean they’re all extraordinary people! Without them I would not be where I am today to be fair. Growing up with a musical background was great. In terms of artists, no-one can deny MJ or Stevie Wonder. Honestly those guys are one of a kind!

What’s your favourite songs you’ve made and why? 

I’m one for answering every question but this one is way too hard, I can’t pick one. All of Krossover I love haha. I play it from cover to cover and I even forget myself that its finished and it starts replaying… and I MADE IT! haha. Then there’s Stages that is scheduled to come out this year… Ooops, did I just announce something? Haha! I have been working a lot so I really can’t pick one, especially as I may have favourites for different moods. I have a crazy heartfelt one that always gets me… I’ll leave that there for you to think about that haha.

The people need to know about your song Grime Kidd, man this one’s cold. How much has grime music been an influence on you? 

Haha thanks man, that one was a VIBE oh my word! Seriously I made the beat out of pure fun and the nostalgia growing up listening to Wiley just came and I started flowing and said let me just actually use this track haha. Grime has been an influence but it was more of lifestyle to be fair

  Your website is sick bro, who’s designing that? 

Really appreciate that you see and feel the vision! I pretty much know what I want when it comes to my appearence. I don’t force anything I organically make it happen. My image is literally who I am, and my bro Tony @ Dream Random knows how to put it across. He has so many ideas and just pushes them forward. Since my very first website he’s the person who’s been doing that ever since! 

  Is it right you self-produced Krossover?  

Yeah 100%! I just wore my heart on my sleeve on all levels really. Producing it was real fun and I just… let go!

  What artist would you like to work with in the future and why?

That’s hard to say, so many legends have gone that I would have to worked with. Right now… erm… Ed Sheeran, Adele, J.Cole, Jay, Kendrick, Jay haha. So many. But the music I’m listening to right now in the car is J.Cole, and as it’s been said I’m quite similar to him I’d say him right now. if it was this second lol.

  10 years time, what is Vas Leon doing?

Chillin in some Gucci Flip Flops! haha. Sitting in a big house comfortable with a wife and children and teaching them the great values of life. Basically not grinding or struggling… Living my dream really!

  What makes you stand out from other artists? 

Myself. My music. Everything. I’m totally unique and I’m not afraid to show it. I give you ME! That makes me different. I don’t want or feel to replicate anything or anyone. 

  If you could be anyone for a day who would it be and why? 

To be honest. I really can’t even think about that. Being the positive person I am, I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but myself. 


VAS LEON oozes positivity and his music potrays his persona in many ways. Blessings to him for doing this interview.