Bristol's MJK delivers certy 2005 EP

Being named as the 'most relevant producer right now', MJK backs up that strong statement by dropping his latest project 2005.

Re-inventing GRANDMIXXER's SLSA instrumental on Heavens Gate, MJK puts his own spin on one of the most popular grime riddims this year and he's definitely done a madness on this one!

Rolling through, Delusion of Grandeur no doubt encapsulates the Bristolian's dark side, this one's a stomper! Next up we have the title track '2005' which you may have heard on the airwaves this year - a more laid back instrumental with high hats circling an unstoppable bassline which will leave you in awe for the next track.

Finally, we have 'Victim'. Again, taking inspiration from Grandmixxer's distinctive sound, this is a percy of all percy's! Stream below via SoundCloud: