Nasty Jack About To Come Through With 'Uno No Me'

What do you get when Nasty Jack spits and Filthy Gears produces the beat? Well, it's a song called 'Uno No Me' and it's about to seriously bang.  Sounding like it's come from the golden age this one is to watch out for. 

Nasty Jack has been showing us why he is a serious contender for years, Epic bars and flows run riot throughout this banger. Filthy Gears is a pure maverick and provides the most necessary beat of 2018. This track is officially released on the 31st of this month and it's going to be on every good DJ's playlist. This in the rave is something I need to experience. 

Trust me my g's, this one is going all the distance, 'Uno No Me' is a force to be reckoned with.