Darkos Strife is speeding with 'Accelerate'

Darkos Strife is doing the scene proud with his latest release 'Accelerate' the song is very punchy and has the coldest flow. With people claiming grime is dead on a constant basis, I think they need to do themselves a favour and listen to Darkos Strife, with a flow this good it's hard to get unoticed.

The best on this one is a different style as well, an old-fashioned feel, like it's come straight out of a 1940's gangster film. It works very well and plays an excellent part in letting us hear Darkos Strife's bars. 

I've been a big fan of Darkos since I heard his stuff. He has something different and edgy and it works well.  Make sure you go and check out 'Accelerate' now.