1st Draft of Lord of the Mics lineup announced

Being back at Deez Endz is like watching a classic Kano freestyle. Talking of returns Lord of the Mics is teasing its return and it’s got us gassed. The 1st draft list has just been released and it’s paying homage to some of grimes contempaory torch carriers.

2 battles to watch out for -

Ten Dixon Vs Tana -

This one is going to be Real. Ten Dixon has a feared reputation and i’m positive this is going to be a LOTM classic in the making. Ten Dixon has had some serious beef this year and this is the perfect thing to get all that energy out. South London vs Birmingham is going to be legendary.

Tommy B vs Jay0117 -

Jheez, LOTM is a fundamental reason why I love grime and this battle is going to make me love it even more. Tommy B is the future of the genre, it’s nice that Jammer has paid some homage to him. Bristol MC Jay0117 is going up against Tommy B, this one should be LOTD crème de la crème.


LOTD is back and it’s back with a bang!!