Big Zuu speaks on “The Struggle” on new freestyle

Big Zuu, a true inspiration, is very much in his own lane and differs from a majority of other artists that we see. Everything he releases seems to be well thought and relevant to many public issues.  As well as dropping fire tracks and projects, he always manages to put across powerful messages through his music, grabbing the attention of all walks of life. He was one of the faces of the ‘Justice for Grenfell’ campaign using his audience to raise awareness for political issues. It is clear to see that Big Zuu understands just how powerful the expression of music is and uses this to guide his audience, rather than being ignorant and flashy.

‘The Struggle’ freestyle has been taken off of his new project ‘We Will Walk’ and was dropped just before the release of this new five track EP. With Zuu’s vocal over a 169 production we can already expect influential messages over incredibly well produced instrumental, the perfect recipe.

Entitled ‘The Struggle’ Big Zuu uses the freestyle to express the endeavours growing up in a low income area of London, one of the wealthiest cities on the planet. The freestyle focuses heavily on how the ‘system’ is set up to fail certain people. Big Zuu uses the metaphor “If you ain’t on the systems wave, then they’re just stuck in a puddle” to express how if you don’t naturally show academic skills then you aren’t going to be pushed to do well and achieve your goals. This is a massive problem in the current generation, a lot of people’s skills are overlooked and opportunities are being missed just because they don’t fit what is expected from the system.

“I remember primary, heads down thumbs up, if you don’t get chosen then tough luck”

Big Zuu uses his past experiences to stop the future generation from falling for the same trap. It is narrative of someone who grow up with no one telling him what was actually best for him, teachers who didn’t support certain individuals and politicians who show no care towards many areas of society. Zuu is a true mentor to the youth, letting them know being on the roads and getting money isn’t winning in life, you are doing exactly what they system want you to do. Allowing you to think that you are up and then ending up in prison, future opportunities ruined all for some short term happiness. “Show you the cake and then you want to have a slice, and now you’re inside”.

The track ends with a verse that represents a motivational speech, with way too many impactful lyrics to quote so make sure you lock in and listen to ‘The Struggle’ as well as the rest of ‘We Will Walk”. Big Zuu has grasped the fact that everyone is different, with different skills, experiences and ways of learning. We need to be the generation that changes the way that the system works. We need to make sure all of the younger people are aware of their potential and know their own worth in society.