Jakebob drops highly anticipated 'Hymn List' EP

Send out to skengman Jakebob! The Leonminster producer is back with two truly captivating instrumentals for your headtops in the form of ‘Hymn List’ EP.

The first, ‘Hymn List’, has been spun by countless DJ’s on the circuit such as Spooky and General Courts and it’s clear to see why. Right from the off, the beat hits you with such force it leaves you in awe of what to come - mad synths, high hats and deep bass.

The bonus track ‘Hi Riddim’ is introduced by Mode FM’s Hitman Tiga before going straight into the most busy yet one of the most hardest riddims you’re likely to hear for a while. It was a no-brainier including this one on the EP and I’m sure Jakebob would tell you that.

Lock in below: