#ThrowbackThursday - Bizzle, Ghetts, Griminal and Giggs

Our first #ThrowbackThursday is a heavy one! 

Every Thursday we'll be bringing you three grime anthems straight for your headtop.

It's easy to forget the Channel U days and what it brought for the scene and although most turned to the mainstream in search of a higher life, the most iconic tracks in grime were still made before that.

Here's our top 3 videos we've been spinning today:

1) Lethal Bizzle feat Fire Camp - No

Starting off the section is none other than Bizzle. This one isn't really a throwback to me as I still spin this one heavily to this day.
However, it's a banger nonetheless and with Clipson, 2Face, Knowledge and Bruza all featuring, oh how I wish I respected them more as a collective then, as I do today.

2) Ghetts ft. Griminal - Don't Phone Me

This one is a straight up wobbler for me and if this was released today it would definitely shut down the dance.
Ghetts had his flows on lock and although him and Griminal switched up their sounds to fit in with how the scene was evolving shortly after, they kept it 100 on this one. (The sing for me remix and Supa Dupa spring to mind, although I still rate both of those tracks but shh don't tell nobody!)

3) Giggs - Look What The Cat Dragged In

2010 - America had Kanye and we had Giggs. Well, we still do, but this track was a pivotal track for grime. I remember bopping my head to this one on the back of the bus and now I realise why.
Apart from the fact it makes me want to kick down my neighbor, A Dot played it on radio this morning and I could have kicked my shower door off instead. Banger.

That's it! Three grime tracks to spin on your Thursday while wishing it was the weekend. What's your favourite out of the three?