Hitman enlists a whole heap of MC's to shell down the Jack In A Box Remix

Following Hitmans big banger ‘Jack In A Box’ comes the remix featuring a bag of the sickest MC’s in the Scene.

With assistance from Gen, Ghstly XXVII, Logan, Taliifah, K 9, Syer B, Deadly, Villain and Filthy Gears on production, the remix uses the same big brass instrumental as the original and the energy is on point!

All 9 MC’s leng down the tune with accuracy, there will be some wheel-ups When this banger drops on a set.

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Listen to ‘Jack in a Box’ remix below:

J-Mal drops his debut EP 'Ultra Instinct'

J-Mal kicks off 2018 in style by releasing his first solo EP. 

The project features some of the hardest spitters in the game right now. Dusty, Gen and Artan make up the numbers and execute their features very well on the tracks 'Instant Transmission', 'Unruly Spirits' and 'Cold' respectively.

Although each track is produced by someone different, the flow of the 8-track-tape really paints a picture of J-Mal's past experiences and the day to day challenges he faces.

There is something for everyone on this body of work and as an emcee, it not only shows his versatility on the mic, but also the willingness to explore his sound even deeper.

The opening self-entitled track and 'Pallet Town' and are the grime bangers you'd expect from J-Mal. As for 'Instant Transmission', we see  J- and Dusty return with that back to back barring we've seen light up before, but this time it's set another level!

'Unruly Spirits' takes a sample off Gen's 'Black Magic' and makes way for a very clever collaboration (if you know, you know) and combing with Gen's ferocious bars, it's definitely a Genocide with him inside!

On '5AM In Tokyo' J-Mal rides the trap styled beat to bring us a deep outlook into his walk in life being a rapper and is heavily influenced by his time in the city where he filmed Pallet Town.

Next up is 'Cold', featuring Artan's unique transition of bars to soulful lyrics and 'A Life of Grime' - both tracks exploring the things he needs to get off his chest and his history making it as a successful artist. How each track flows into one and other and how it is rounded off with the last two, makes it a very engaging project.

Setting this all round strong project in stone, it allows J-Mal to back it up with more visuals (coming soon), radio play and interviews in the coming months so keep a look out!

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