London VS. Yorkshire take to the mic for LOTM8 Hype Sessions- Reece West V F.O.S

The legendary platform that is Lord Of The Mics is running into its eighth season, promising us yet more heroic clashes between some of grimes hottest MC’s right now.

Brought to the scene by Jammer and Ratty, over the years grime fans have seen some of the most mortal bars on some huge clashes from the likes of Devilman V Skepta, Footsie V Scratchy and Kano V Wiley. So it only makes sense that we can expect some exceptional scenes in season 8.

With the official release looming, each MC involved has been given the chance to shell down in an exclusive ‘hype session’, setting the pace for their opponents, cultivating some provoking bars in the hope it will throw their rival off track.

This time around, we are witnessing London V Yorkshire as Reece West and F.O.S take to the mic.

Reece West:

“Raised in North not West”, Reece west has grafted to secure his place on the scene. Delivering some cold releases and participating in some high profile sets. A highly rated new gen MC by many grime fans.

Stepping up on his Hype Session, the North London barrer demonstrates his lyrical ability, as he bodies an intense, bass fuelled beat with some heavy headed bars and of course firing shots at this opposing MC. West has articulated a solid taste of what we can expect from the clash soon come.

Reece is blessed to be part of such a large moment in the scene, speaking out saying “ “I grew up watching all my favourite rappers participate in Lord Of The Mics, clashing, and now that i’m here – centre stage-it’s humbling to be a part of grime’s history books”.

“The clash with F.O.S, it was a quick body bag”.


A passion to succeed and a soaring work rate has been seeing Northern MC F.O.S make his name count on the grime scene. Known for some impressive clashes and riddims- it was compelling to see what he would bring to LOTM.

As soon as the riddim had loaded, the Yorkshire spitter was already firing shots. Boasting his signature fast paced flow, he went in over a lively grime beat laying down some memorable bars teasing an explosive clash with West.

“Reece West is dead”- words from F.O.S as he spoke about the up and coming clash.

With both man going in hard on these Hype Sessions, we can only speculate that this is gonna go off and LOTM 8 will go down in grime history.

Tap into both of the debuts below and stay locked for the rest of the sessions.