Novelist spits on a drill inspired beat for latest offering "Remember"

It seems Novelist is on a drill vibe following the drop of his Reload King mixtape. The Londoner teased us with new sounds at his Boiler Room appearance at the beginning of the month and if this track “Remember” is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

Staying true to his sound, the laidback beat is laced perfectly with simple yet effect bars which paint a picture of a girl that was once close to him. Who thought drill could sound so smooth? Press play below!

A Rhythm & Gash version we never thought we needed from Novelist

A day before his new EP “Reload King” drops, Novelist has surprised fans with a quick Rhythm & Gash dub we never knew we needed, until now.

Be sure to cop the EP which drops on all music platforms from midnight. For now, lock into the track below in which he remixes his most renowned “MMM YEAH!” bar, fitting the iconic grime beat perfectly.

Image: Dummy Mag

Novelist drops video for Dot Dot Dot following Mercury Prize

It's only right Nov drops a brand new video following this year's Mercury Prize, where his debut album Novelist Guy made the shortlist.

The Lewisham spitter was unable to follow in footsteps of Skepta who picked up the award for his record Konnichiwa in 2016. However, a scintillating performance from Nov was more than enough for his fans that watched last night.

Watch the video for Dot Dot Dot below and catch up with his performance on BBC iPlayer here.

Check out our review of Novelist Guy here.

5 grime artists who will still be spitting bars in 2028

Over the years we forget our goals, the dreams and aspirations we once had as clueless children become lost. But then you see certain people who don’t forget, instead they persevere until they’re winning Brit Awards. I’ll always pay homage to artists that deserve it, I’m talking about people like Wiley, Kano, and Dizzee Rascal. But who’s going to be considered a pivotal grime artist in the future? This article is going to predict who will be spitting bars in the year 2028. 

Bugzy Malone

The objective was simple for Malone and that was to put Manny on the map. Obviously talking 0161 and the man has been flexing his musical muscles ever since. The biggest reason that Bugzy will still be spitting bars in 2028 is his ability to create different sounds in grime. You find yourself on a journey with his music, one minute you can find yourself ready to mosh to it and the next you want to ring up wifey and tell her you love her, he creates an excellent balance of emotion in his music and that helps solidify him as a future grime great. 


Coco is perhaps one of the most underrated men in grime. Nobody can match his flow or spirit for the genre. ‘Big N Serious’ was an excellent piece of well crafted grime, from the beat to the Sheffield accent. All I have ever seen from this guy is pure passion and desire, he wants to make music for the right reasons. Trust me when I say that Coco will be around in 2028 with a bigger name and even bigger bank account. The beauty is he can rap and produce and that’s something that can pave the way for success in the industry.


If he does everything right Novelist could become a household name. I’ve been listening to him since 2014 and he always blows my mind with his ability to jump on mic. It was a big day for grime when we saw him on ‘Lyrics’ with Skepta, it showed us how far he had come in his career. The Lewisham MC is only 21, he has achieved so much success already in his career. By the time he is 31 I think he will change grime for the better, producing tracks, spitting on them. Were looking at the UK’s answer to Pharrell Williams here. 


Look at the top of this article and you’ll see the name Santan Steve on my shirt. So first let me pay respect to an unbelievable talent. I can’t remember grime without Dave, it seems like he’s been around for years. The piano playing smooth talker has ripped up the scene, working with Drake being his biggest achievement to date. I can’t wait to see where he will be in 2028. Having a controlling stake in stone island is a good shout though. 

Big Tobz

Yeah that’s right maybe it’s a surprise, but please stop reading this article and listen to his music. I can assure you that Big Tobz has one of the most unique sounds in the UK. He was poised for a takeover in 2016 but he got a setback, we all get them and most of us quit after our first. I wish blessings to the man who is once again on the rise after dropping ‘Corn’ with Cadet in 2017, he just needs to focus on his music and the success will follow.

Prem and Novelist go back to back on 'Ladywell'

The MMMYEH Records duo have been killing it this week. 

With the release of Novelist’s new single ‘No Weapons’, the Lewisham man has returned the favour on this one.

Nov has begun to find his feet again this year and looks like he's not stopping for nobody. Filmed in a local kebab shop, he brings his detailed flow combining with Prem's compelling bars that have been made easier by his own production.

Watch the big visuals shot by Matthew MKD below:

Fusion drops TWO remixes of ‘Don’t Get Me Mad’

Lewisham MC Fusion has brought through the biggest talent in the scene right now to feature on not one, but two remixes of his latest release ‘Don’t Get Me Mad’.

It’s been a busy year for Fusion, who’s released two of the biggest tracks so far in his career (For The Crime and DGMM). The self-produced tracks, along with the sharp visuals, come with something reminiscent of Dizzee’s Boy in the Corner days.

Fusion’s flow over the stellar production was already nuts, now we see four grime stars jump on the anthem.

First up is Novelist, also from Lewisham, bring his skippy flow to the table. Next, Bonkaz is back to what he does best to round off the certified banger.

On remix number 2, Fusion brings through none other than MTP members AJ Tracey and Big Zuu. You already know it’s going off when these two are on the track.

Listen to both tracks on Spotify below and tell us which one you think is the hardest!