Taliifah sets pace with speaker bursting track 'She Shellz'

Following the releases of 'Major Problem' and 'Straight Bars 2 Remix', Taliifah proves she's playing no games right now by dropping off this banger 'She Shellz'.

Wrapping her inventive wordplay over yet another heavy instrumental from Silencer, you can't go wrong with him on the buttons by the way... One thing is for sure, T is coming for the female crown! 

Macca emerges with a no nonsense visual for track 'playtimes over'.

Following a string of hard offerings to the grime scene in the form of the coldest flows and bars to get you gassed over the past years, Wolverhampton MC Macca emerged again during the last month with fresh track ‘playtimes over’.

He’s just returned with an energetic visual to compliment the sick riddim cooked up with his massive flow. Scenes see the west mids spitter bouncing around his ends in a hyped up production certified to keep you buzzed for the upcoming release of 'Winners Only EP later this year. Stay locked for that.

Catch the visual above and stream the full track below: