History was made at Grime Originals for the world to see

On Saturday, all roads led to Fire in Vauxhall, London for the fifth installment of Grime Originals - a total road block! 

Fans from all over the country came to the capital expecting reloads, beats and bars. Well, they certainly got all of that and thensome...

DJ Target, Flowdan, Chronik, Flirta D and Bruza were among the star studded lineup, letting the fans relive the nostalgia that built Grime's foundations in the beginning of this millennium. C Cane, PK, Yizzy, Melvillous, Tommy B and Black Steve were on DJ Jampak's new generation set this time round, proving the sound is well and truly alive.

I rolled up sober on the tube gassed for what the night was going to bring. I knew this was going to be a stellar event and making the 100 mile trip was more than worth it. I got my ticket ready, only to see PK turn up with his crew looking very serious (more on that later).

Straight to the bar, I got my grolsh and bustled through the already busy crowd to the front. It weren't too long before C Cane stepped up and went in and Madders graced to the stage sending for Grim Sickers, yet again. Not even midnight, it was already getting very lively...

Then, hooded up in his Parker was YGG's very own PK, looking like he's about to steal your girl right there and then. He screamed "And it's tha" repeatedly until his hood and the beat dropped, all hell broke loose at the front:

Fellow YGG crew mates Saint P and Lyrical Strally also took over the stage; no wonder their slogan is 'world domination'! That made way for Ghstly to pick up the mic, no one saw that part coming either!

You just knew this new generation set weren't going to be easy going for the emcees and that's why Yizzy grabbed the mic and showed everyone why he's the one the top spitters in the game right now. Everyone stood and let him get on with the shelling and that was great to see, however PK weren't having any of it and started a straight out war with the 17-year-old. Neither of them were backing down and it took the main man Sharky to intervene and let the show run again, but take nothing away from that moment, it was great to see probably my two favourite emcees go in like that and although it looked like they were beefing, it was a real authentic moment which could have potentially started WW3, but also one for the history books:

While everyone came to terms with what just happened on the stage (well, for me anyway), So Solid Crew's Dubplate Mex then stepped in the booth. The overall vibe in the place was something special, everyone looked like they were having a sick time, even at the back! After cooling down outside with none other than Spooky and D.O.K, I bumped into the grime original himself, Ghetts. No biggie...

Anyways, back to the shoobs, I managed to crawl my way back through the room 2 tunnel (not the place you want to be while it's ramping up) and witnessed history.

The order the next three hours went in is quite faded, but I'll give a run-down of what went on anyway as I was way too gassed to opportate anymore technology.

Lethal Bizzle stage dived head first into the mosh:

Doogz came out and sent for a Wiley, just look at the reaction:

Discarda showed why he's one of the greatest to take the mic in a live setting:

Footsie was a surprise guest:

Flirta D, Funky Dee and Swarvo did a madness with Teddy Music on the decks:

Fuda caught probably the best drop of the night:

Oh and Jammer caused the biggest moshpit I've seen on Spooky's memorable set, with Ghetts giving the crowd what they wanted with Artillery:

If you're still reading this I would like to take this opportunity to big up everyone that I met on the night. I rolled on my one's and left with not only the biggest grin on my face like Christmas came early, but also a few shouts to link up in the future.

As a grime fan living outside of London in the Midlands, events of this caliber are hard to come by. I've been to Eskimo's and Beastwangs, but this was a whole different level and I wish I went to the last one, because GO has the potential to go all around the country and into festivals so that real fans of grime can witness an event reminiscent of the pirate radio days, right on their doorstep.

Whoever says there's 'always trouble' at grime raves needs to take a hard look at what happened Saturday night and experience the next one for themselves, because everyone is there for the sound and are all respecting each other as a collective. As for the security, it was tight, but laid back on hats and hoods, which other events need to take note on.

An all round successful night. One thing's for sure, the future of Grime looks very promising.