YGG unveil their highly anticipated EP ‘World Domination’

PK, Strally and Saint P are only here for once thing, World Domination.

It’s been a busy year, to say the least for the YGG lads. Performing at sell-out shows up and down the country as well as spraying on the airwaves of every grime radio set possible.

To round it off they’ve finally dropped their World Domination EP which features hits ‘3 IC3s’ and ‘Lyca’.

Stream the tape on Spotify below:


YGG unveil their latest single 'Scooby'

Grime crew YGG have very much been at the forefront of the scene this year, after their arrival in 2015.

Since then, the lineup consisting of PK, Lyrical Strally and Saint P have been putting so much work, they now have a debut EP waiting in the wings.

Heavy singles ‘Bad’, ‘Three IC3s’ and 'Lyca' have propped up their status in grime so much so, they're now about to unleash their debut EP.

World Domination is set to release on 24th November on Logan Sama's #KeepinItGrimy label.

The track 'Scooby' sets the tone for the haters and the unique flow and wordplay each member possesses makes this track a banger in it's own right.

The focused trio believe this is the main building block to elevate their sound to the masses.

Speaking to Dummy Mag, here's what they hope this EP can bring:
PK: "There are so many things but to sum it all up, I would say for the YGG name to be immortalised for ever and beyond.”

Strally: “To build our audience. #2daworldandback"

Saint: "YGG. World Domination EP.  It's What it says on the cover. What many have been waiting for, many don't want to see. This is our plan, to be everywhere.
As a huge fan of the lads myself and featuring them in my '3 grime crews you need to hear' post earlier this year, I too believe this release will be huge. They're the most consistent bunch right now and deserve their time in the limelight. YGG to the world and back!

Listen to the premier track 'Scooby' below!

Catch YGG at Grandmixxer's South London Space Agency launch party at Mick's Garage, London on November 11th.

THREE emerging grime crews you need to hear

With the grime scene seeing many 'new wave' artists breaking through, it is also accurate to say the movement has entered the next stage of its evolution. Different collectives made up of up and coming MC's and producers are being assembled and popping more than ever.

Invigorated by the popular internet radio stations such as Rinse, Radar and Reprezent, ever-growing fanbases are finding more ways to listen and interact. That, in turn, allows groups of MC's to combine their friendships and bars to give them the confidence to bring their movement to the forefront.

We are also seeing artists make a success off the back of their well-established group, allowing them to push their solo projects even further. Whether it's a video or freestyle that gains thousands or even millions of views, that benefits that artist's collective too as fans will want to hear more and find who else they associate themselves with. Boy Better Know is a dominant example of this...

I take a look at the emergence of three of the most talked about grime crews in 2017 you need to check out!


First up, YGG (You Get Grime). The emergent trio consisting of PK, Saint P and Lyrical Strally are taking the scene by storm.

Taking it back to before they were formed, the young group met at school as teenagers. Saint and PK exchanged bars in the playground and before you knew it, the group were making tracks in no time. Since 2010, the collective have been recording and they haven't stopped since. What completes all three of them is the friendship that could only be forged on the block.

With the major breakthrough of Grime in 2015, YGG were very much part of that. With tonnes of radio appearances, they quickly made a name for themselves. Along with live shows such as the famous Eskimo Dance, fans demanded fresh material and that's exactly what they got. PK's distinctive flow combined with Strally's energy and Saint's wordplay, the group found themselves releasing banger after banger.

Their debut single 'Okay' was released at the backend of 2015, along with the 'Side By Side' remix and 'Don't Talk Like That' in 2016. This year, they're taking their sound to a whole new level; appearing at major festivals such as Strawberries & Creem (where I will be covering) and Glastonbury.

You can also expect them to continue shelling down radio stations with their DJ, Travis T. But, until all that, press play on their new single 'Bad'. Produced by none other than DJ Q, you knows it's going off with him on the buttons! A certified banger you need in your playlist. You can find them 


on Twitter

The Square

Founded in 2012 by Novelist and Elf Kid, The Square are one of Grime's most establish crews.

Although one of grime's leading pioneers, Novelist left the group in 2016 to focus on his own projects, The Square are bigger than ever this year.

Known for their adherence to the old school grime sound and variety of individual flows, the group have since expanded with members originating from Lewisham and surrounding areas of South London.

Along with their solo work, DeeJillz, Elf Kid, Blakie, Faultsz, Lolingo and Streema have all made themsleves known to grime fans in their own right. The various releases from Elf Kid's 'Golden Boy', Blakie's 'Can't See Them' and Faultsz's 'Fya Bun' have pushed the partnership as a whole to wider avenues in the scene.

Signed to Rude Kid's label - No Hats No Hoods, releases include; 'Pengaleng', 'Lewisham McDeez' and the EP entitled 'The Formula'. However, their most recent track called 'Defeat Us' has been the springboard to their more recent success. Playing an array of shows around the capital and hitting the radio stations, each MC bring their own energy and inventive wordplay and put on a grime showcase you won't find anywhere else.

Check out the energy I'm talking about in the video for 'Can't Defeat Us' Above! You can find them on Twitter 


Vision Crew

Step forward arguably London's most versatile movement in grime, Vision Crew.

Originating from Lewisham, they have emerged as one of the go to collectives in the scene. From MC's to producers to DJ's, the six-man team have got it all in their lockers.

Shelling every online radio station possible, you've probably heard of them. Ezro, Goldie, Pascall, Tyzz, WhackEye & DJ Kay C make up the numbers. Vision have been making a lot of noise recently and the level of maturity these young dons have, it's no surprise...

Ezro released his debut album 'Ghost In The Blue' this month at the age of 19. Also, being able to produce, Ezro is definately one to watch. That brings us to Pascall and Goldie, who feature on the track 'Laid Back'. Both of their energy are enough to make a grime banger, let alone all six of them! WhackEye and Tyzz also feature on the album with 'I Pray, I Smoke'. There's no doubt those two have earnt their place in the crew. 

The album not only varies with sound but style of bars too. The realism combined with the wordplay these guys have, shows the versatility they all possess. Also, with Novelist featuring and producing on the album, it shows you how far they are taking the movement. One notable release from them is the remix with Tuckz on 'Headtop'. A gritty grime anthem that is endlessly played by the DJ's!

According to Pascall, the crew are 'sitting on bangers', so I'm sure we will get to hear some more solo work from each of them, but for now you can catch them shelling various radio stations like they did at Radar the other month:

It is good to see young MC's and producers - who have listened to grime for as long as they can remember are perfecting their sound with the help of their friends to create a new and invigorating sound. While most have their eyes on Drake and his nurturing of the stars, such as Skepta and Giggs, Grime's new wave are making all the predestined moves by collaborating and connecting with each other, that weren't evident before.

If grime is to stay as relevant as American hip-hop, it will be the new generation, the likes of these MC's and producers that keep the genre moving forward.

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